The best resources for Hosting an Event can be found in our Organizer’s Guide (English) (Spanish)!

We also encourage you to visit the following external resources:

  • Michelle Alexander gave a phenomenal talk at the Riverside Church 50th anniversary program here


  • A video version of actor Michael Ealy reading the speech (partial) here


  • Tavis Smiley’s perceptive documentary about the sermon and its consequences is available here


  • “The MLK Speech We Need Today Is Not the One We Remember Most” an essay by Viet Thanh Nguyen in Time Magazine on the relevance of the Riverside Church sermon to the present. “King’s prophecy connects the war in Vietnam with our forever wars today, spread across multiple countries and continents, waged without end from global military bases numbering around 800


  • “Exceptional Victims” is an essay by Christian Appy in the Boston Review linked to King’s speech. “The resistance to the Vietnam War was the most diverse and dynamic antiwar movement in U.S. history. We have all but forgotten it today.”


  • “Racism, Yes, But What About Militarism and Materialism? Martin Luther King’s Giant Triplets” by Andrew Bacevich, Published on June 23, 2020 by TomDispatch. Bacevich is a Professor of History and International Relations at Boston University, and President of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft here


  • Five simple tips to prevent Zoom-bombing here


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