King and Breaking Silence Ceasefire statement

We have learned that building a Culture of Peace entails both a “long and bitter, but beautiful, struggle for a new world” and a response to “the urgency of now.” This is a call to both.

The urgency which breaks our hearts is the imminent catastrophe in Gaza and the call from Jewish Voice for Peace, If Not Now, and others to amass at the National Mall in DC Friday 10/20 at noon to demand de-escalation, a ceasefire and immediate humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. A measure introduced in Congress by Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib among others, calls for these very things.

We are responding to be present and support, urging you our friends to stand as well against the escalating cycle of violence. Make or join such actions in your own city.
At the same time, we continue the long-term work of decolonizing our hearts and lives, our communities, our nations, and Earth herself, building a culture of peace.

Please join us in this work.

On Decolonization

What we all need to know about a growing global movement

Liberating Our Nation and Communities from Racism, Militarism & Materialism, Reclaiming Our Minds, Hearts, Spirits & Bodies.


Tues. Jun 14, 2023, 7pm ET

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June 29 @ 10 a.m. Pacific Time:

Vatican Repudiates Doctrine of Discovery webinar

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Doctrine of Discovery & the Oak Flats (AZ) struggle:

YouTube video & Oak Flats:

Democracy Now on Monroe Doctrine damage:

American Indian sources for learning and inspiration:

Hawaii decolonization:


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Decolonization: Definitions, Contexts, Histories

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Lisa Natividad on how The U.S. rained death on the Marshall Islands

S. Lily Mendoza on the 'Civilized' myth

Dina Gilio-Whitaker on decolonizing South Africa vs USA

Panelist: Dina Gilio-Whitaker on Environmental Justice & Indigenous Resistance

Panelist: Lisa Natividad on US colonialism, imperialism, and militarism in Guam

Decolonization, Reparations and Survival

Mazin Qumsiyeh on Climate and Colonization in Palestine

How does Decolonization intersect with MLK's Revolution in Values?

Nick Estes on the Doctrine of Discovery and US Founding Fathers

What is Colonization/Decolonization?

Decolonizing Systems and Souls... Telling New Stories

The Importance of Cultural and Spiritual Groundedness in the Movement

Overcoming separation & confusion to build a mass movement

Will Puerto Rico Finally be Freed as a U.S. Colony?

Decolonization and the Island of Vieques, Puerto Rico

The Nakba & Ethnic Cleansing in Israel/Palestine

Patrick Reyes on Decolonization & Healing from attempted eradication & erasure

The colonial politics of the U.S.-Puerto Rico relationship

The Fight To Take Back Hawaii

Federal Indian Law and How it Operates

How Many Native Americans Were Eliminated?

Decolonize Puerto Rico: A Learning and Solidarity Experience

The multi-ethnic, multiracial construction of colonization

Models of Resistance & Buen Vivir

Native Kinship societies vs. Settler Colonial Capitalism


On our Culture of Violence

on the anniversary of his historic Riverside Church speech in 1967…

Join us for a conversation on Dr. King’s call for a radical revolution in values against 

Join us for a conversation on Dr. King’s call 

for a radical revolution in values against 

racism, militarism and materialism

What does this revolution look like


Tues. April 4, 2023, 7pm ET


When Dr. King “Broke the Silence” on Vietnam, he called for a radical revolution of values. That revolution forces us to question the fairness and justice of our policies and look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth and the justness of war. Our work involves building awareness around what the “triple evils” of racism, militarism and materialism look like in today’s world.


Our “Breaking the Silence” conversation series brings together thinkers, activists and leaders to discuss issues of justice and peace that are relevant to the 21st century. Inspired by Dr. King’s articulation of the “giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism” our programming is created with the intention of educating, resourcing and connecting individuals. organizations, schools, churches etc.


On April 4, 1967–one year to the day before his murder–Dr. King exhorted those gathered at Riverside Church “We must move past indecision to action.”  The members of the KBS coalition are a diverse group of organizations and individuals with hundreds of years of combined experience in social change endeavors. Our events and resources are designed to connect people beyond conversation and into concrete action. 


In the spirit of Dr. King’s call for a radical revolution of values, works to raise awareness, educate, and take action by organizing events, educational programs, and community initiatives that encourage dialogue, empathy, and collaboration.


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"We as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society."